Ionian Sea – The Movie

We finally found some time to make a movie of our journey on the Ionian sea (the south coast of Italy, the Greek Ionian islands, and the east coast of Greece).

Turn up the volume and play it full screen! Enjoy!




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  1. Hay boys and girls,
    Another nice movie from your trip! We recognized all the places and pictures very well. It’s a pity that you did not visited the inland of Ohtonoi. From the little restaurant/postoffice you could be taken by car to the inland and impressive mountain tops surrounding the anchorache.
    Now, from the hard standing of the boat you can walk easily towards the airport.

    We hope to see you around in winter time!
    Hanneke and Maarten
    SY Marlijn (Leiden)

  2. Gerrie en Will says: Reply

    Mooie film, vooral het stuk met de Dolfijnen schitterend.
    Wat een beleving

  3. Hello there Sarah and Thijs,

    Thanks for sharing your latest travel movie. Great footage and the map route overview connects it all.
    Amazing places you must have seen. Looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Hi Marco,
      Thanks for the nice comment. We definitely had a great trip and have seen many nice places! See you soon again,
      Sarah & Thijs

  4. Anne-Mette Fernandes says: Reply

    Looks like you guys have had a great time. Fantastic pictures and films. Wish I dared to persue life….
    Regards an merry X-mas /Bon Noel

    1. Thanks a lot Anne-Mette! Merry and hyggelig Xmas to you too ☃️

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