French Mediterranean coast – The Movie

During our little pit stop in Saint-Laurent-du-Var we found the time to piece a little movie together of the French Mediterranean coast, from Port-Sain-Louis to Saint-Laurent-du-Var. After hearing the diesel engine run continuously for almost a month it was a delight to sail again!


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  1. Hai Thijs and Sarah! During the last few days we ‘ve read your logs and have seen your movies with great pleasure! (It inspires us to try to make some movie of our trip back home too.) Your pleasure and fun is sparkling from our cellphone screen. Wish you even much more fun in the next part of your halcyon days.
    Love, Hanneke & Maarten (Marlijn)

    1. Thanks a lot! Good to read that you enjoy our posts and movies. We like to read your blog too 🙂 Have a good trip in the inland waterways. We hope you’ll enjoy them at least as much as we did. Thijs & Sarah

  2. Marco siegerist says: Reply

    Hi sailors
    I enjoyed viewing your movie (nice song) and pictures.
    Great to see you both enjoy life.

    Have fun

    1. Thanks! Good to hear you liked the movie. We’re definitely enjoying our trip so far 🙂 Cheers, Sarah

  3. Marco siegerist says: Reply

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations with your 31 birthday!!🥂🥂

    Regards Marco & Monique

    1. Thanks a lot!

  4. Bert Jan Haitsma says: Reply

    Great to see the video.
    Have a safe trip

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