Departing from Maastricht we passed Liège (Luik) and spent our first night in Belgium in a marina not very far from Huy. The next day we passed Namur and after an unsuccessful attempt to fuel up and almost running aground in the marina (nice when submerged rocks right in front of a fuel station are not marked or indicated on the chart!) we decided to moor in the well known city of Profondeville which has both a stop-over with a nice view and a gas station a few minutes walk away. It was our last night in Belgium but before crossing the French border we enjoyed the amazing landscapes of the Ardennes. At some point we also passed a boat cemetery, if you’re looking for a cheap boat to fix up Belgium has plenty to offer.

Some numbers:

  • Distance covered: 131 km
  • Number of locks: 15
  • Number of drawbridges: 0


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